"I was struck by her ability to work with a number of students of different levels of enthusiasm and ability in the same room.  She has a gift for keeping an ear on everyone and managing a classroom where everyone gets surprisingly individual attention. 

– Ara Guzelimian, Dean, The Juilliard School


"I have observed her teach a number of students, including my own seven year old, and am continually impressed with her intuitive ability to alter her teaching methods to match the learning styles of her students. 

– Doug Marouk-Coe, Program Director of RiverArts Music Council


"My son has been studying with Teresa for nearly two years and I am so pleased with his progress. Teresa is clearly a very gifted cellist, but even more importantly, from my perspective, she is an incredibly warm and encouraging teacher who knows how to reach kids and work with them to get the best from them. I couldn’t be happier. 

– Mia Johnson, Hastings-on-Hudson



"Teresa has been teaching our son Joseph cello for 2 (3?) years.  We first discussed Skype lessons when it became a bit difficult to try to schedule in the amount of lessons we wanted for Joseph as well as meet our other children’s needs and our family demands.  We were very skeptical and didn’t think that he would get the same quality experience found from a lesson in person.  We also weren’t sure if our son would attend to the lesson with the same rigor and attention as he would from a lesson face to face.   However, as we have developed such trust and faith in Teresa and have seen firsthand how wonderful of a teacher she is for our son, we went ahead and gave it a try for a portion of his program.  We were very pleasantly surprised and pleased with the outcome.  Joseph did fabulously with each Skype lesson and Teresa continued to maintain a strong instructional program that challenged him, kept his attention, and continued the flow beautifully.  It was absolutely a blessing to now have that option and flexibility to have Joseph receive a portion of his cello program via Skype.   I can actually cook dinner, help others with homework, and be in the comfort of our own home while Joseph is up in his room receiving his lesson!!  It really helps our family reduce stress and allow for everyone’s needs to be better met and maintain the joy that should be at the forefront of our son learning to play cello and nurturing his love of music. 

– The Miele Family/Thornwood, NY